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#F7000 2-SIDED
Hygienic and affordably priced so estheticians can use it as a disposable tool and prevent cross-contamination. Durable and sanitizable: resistant to the effects of water, alcohol and other disinfectants. Double-sided – one side with 80 grit (coarse), one side with 180 grit (medium). The coarse side is great for removing calluses or hard skin, and the medium side gently smoothes and massages the feet. Grit on both sides will remain effective for more than one pedicure treatment. File can be used on dry or wet feet. Sturdy plastic handle provides a comfortable grip and fits well in the hand. It is properly shaped for easy callus removal. Strong adhesive keeps the filing paper firmly in place on the handle during the entire pedicure. After the pedicure, estheticians can give the file to their client for home use between treatments.
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